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Our Admissions

Our academic program focuses on exposure to a multitude of subjects early on so as to open up those areas of our students developing minds to specific domains they might not have otherwise been exposed to. Kindergarteners will experiment with circuitry and engineering in such a fun and hands on way that they are prepared to delve deeper into these areas as they mature without trepidation or intimidation. Classical literature, poetry and art are a part of everyday life at Christian Crossings blending seamlessly with science, technology and math in what we call S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).


We use only the best of the best curriculum utilizing teaching methods backed with research demonstrating efficacy in achieving student mastery of the subject. This means we will not needlessly drill using outdated methods that don’t prove to encourage mastery or interest in a subject. Children need to move while learning, they need to touch, see, hear and demonstrate what they are learning in order to truly become proficient in that domain. We provide our students the opportunity to experience every lesson from multiple learning pathways so that learning is achieved, curiosity is sparked, critical thinking is strengthened and creative areas of the brain are simultaneously activated.


We believe that critical thinking and creativity cannot and should not be separated from other academic areas as other schools of thought go, but rather entwined so that the processes of recalling information and applying it are a seamless occurrence. Children cannot exercise critical thinking skills without first having a broad and concrete base of information to start from.


Here at Christian Crossings we seek to be as inclusive an environment as possible and will make effort to give accommodations to students with special needs as required and diagnosed. We seek to tailor the learning experience for them as well as for all of our students as individuals within reason. We cannot, however, accommodate students whose needs may be greater than our scope of expertise or capacity. This will be deemed to be the case after administrative interview, observation and intervention throughout a trial period wherein administration will determine whether or not we can accommodate. 

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