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"Daring to Soar with Spiritual Integrity and Academic Excellence"

There’s a new school in our area that has been built on a dream and a prayer, aimed at providing the best possible education for your children, staffed with teachers who are passionate about their profession, and committed to sharing a love of God through education. 

Christian Crossings Academy (CCA) is a dream come true for one local family, whose commitment to God and to finding the best possible education for their children, lead them to open up, not just one school, but two! Before opening these incredible schools, Salim Karnaby served as a New York City Police Detective and a Science Middle School Teacher. He holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Studies. His lovely wife, Andrea, had a career in visual merchandising, and holds a degree in Education as well. With four children of their own, Andrea and Salim created the kind of school that they wanted their own children to attend, and in doing so, found that parents all over the Bay Area were eager to do the same! 


Located just minutes from Trinity, Tampa, Land O’ Lakes and Lutz at 1840 Crossings Boulevard in Odessa, Christian Crossings Academy (CCA) is the direct result of Salim and Andrea having the top Discovery Point preschool in the nation since they first opened in 2011. Parents who had their children at Discovery Point Suncoast Crossings were so impressed with the level of education that they began to ask the owners to open up an elementary school. Owners, Salim and Andrea Karnaby took those wishes to heart, and CCA was born from their passion for God and for education. 
CCA is a private Christian school that teaches the way children learn: Through emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development. Offering a STEAM approach in their curriculum, which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, CCA is an elite school that’s designed to give your child every opportunity, and to instill in them a love of God that they will take with them through their entire lives. With plans to add a grade level every year, Christian Crossings Academy is already garnering praise. 
Salim Karnaby says, “The Mission of Christian Crossings Academy is to glorify God in all that we do by providing an exceptional Christian education in an environment of genuine love for each student and parent.” He adds, “We are all a family at CCA, and we offer the best in equipment, resources and curriculum.” 
The school philosophy states, “We seek to ground everything we do on the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. All members of the educational process at Christian Crossings Academy are not only committed to Jesus Christ but seek to develop the total child, spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially.” 

Offering a plethora of educational options, including Spanish (which is used every day through immersion techniques), art, drama and more, both CCA and Discovery Point Suncoast Crossings have a unique approach to education that has people truly excited. 

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